Monday, April 18, 2016

Josh Lay - Iceman pro pressed cdr

 photo josh Lay - Iceman cdr resized_zps7alknvdm.jpg
Josh Lay - Iceman pro pressed cdr.Taken from a self released cassette edition of only 10 copies.This was released in 2007 and was passed out to a few friends,but never officially on a label.Two bonus tracks were added to the original cassette.Remastered and given new artwork.Source material is contract killer "The Iceman" Richard Kuklinski giving a confession with Josh Lay doing minimal Noise and Junk Electronics workouts in the background to create a feeling of pure unease and tension.Puke the soul... $8 ppd in the U.S.A. Contact for International postage rates.
You can check out a track from the album here :

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sadistic Ritual - Edge of the Knife cassette OUT NOW!

Sadistic Ritual - Edge of the Knife cassette.Nasty, vicious and bloody, Atlanta's Sadistic Ritual play a variety of Death-tinged Thrash Metal inspired by Kreator, Slayer, Sepultura, and all of the pure Metal bands of the good old days. Their debut EP "Edge of the Knife" is six songs of pure violence. This is the Husk Records cassette version of their wildly popular cd.Hand numbered edition of only 100 copies.Get em' while you can.$6 ppd in the U.S.A. Please contact for international rates. E-mail/Paypal =

You can check out the title track here:

Friday, May 8, 2015

New Glass Coffin shirts!

New Glass Coffin shirts are here!Size S-XL are shipping worldwide. $15 post paid in the U.S.A.,contact me for international rates.e-mail/paypal =

Friday, May 23, 2014

Sissy Spacek - Horned Beast double 7" out now!

Sissy Spacek - Horned Beast double 7".This x2 7" contains some of the bands nastiest and most explosive bursts of Power Violence/Noise to date.Another high volume sonic triumph for the L.A. Noise great John Wiese and crew.The first double 7" on Husk and a grand celebration of angst,debauchery,and pure power.The horned beast is alive and ready for blood.$15 ppd in the U.S.A. E-MAIL/PAYPAL =

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Glass Coffin/Harassor split LP....NOW SHIPPING!

Glass Coffin/Harassor split LP.Glass Coffin is deranged one man Black Metal/Black Punk blasphemy from the woods of Kentucky.Continuing down the path of chaos and debauchery that has gained a loyal following from a closed circle of black hearts.Harassor is the three piece Black Metal beast showing his its ugly face again here at Husk Records.A nice follow up to the infamous Bruno Sessions LP and the "Hater of Man" cassette released on Husk.Comes with digital download codes as well.Limited to only 300 copies and co released with Rising Beast and Universal Consciousness.$14+$4 shipping=$18 postage paid in the U.S.A. paypal/e-mail =
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