Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cadaver in Drag - People Meant to Die 15 year anniversay cd OUT NOW!

Cadver in Drag - People Meant to Die cd. This is the 15 year anniversary edition of this Grind/Noise/Metal classic that gained a kvlt following very quick and had a large demand for a repress.Released the first time on a limited run of only 100 tapes and cdrs in 2003,it was high time Husk Records gave it a revamp and released it from the depths again! Recorded by Trevor Tremaine and features guest Electronics from Robert Beatty. Both are parts of the mighty Noise force Hair Police. Extreme Grind blast madness as Cadaver made their debut into being one of the wildest masters of mean spirited non conventional Grind/Metal/Noise on the scene.We are very happy to unearth this one again on Husk Records for all the freaks that missed the super limted editions 15 years ago,so ENJOY! $10 postage paid in the U.S.A. ONLY....PLEASE CONTACT FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS BEFORE ORDER,THANK YOU!.... paypal/e-mail =


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