Monday, May 10, 2010

Nielzine review for the new Blondz in Heat - Here for Beer cassette.......

Blondz in Heat - Here for Beer
Dear Diary. My day went as followed. Butthole Surfers. Gnarly Sheen. Email. Mailbox. Blondz in Heat Tape. Sun. Beer. Weed. Happy as Fuck.
Blondz in Heat - Here for Beer , came to my Metal Box like a gift straight from a Time Machine. A Cassette Tape fully intact. A Thrift store War story. Example: " Dude I was fuckin' diggin' around in the tape bin and I found fuckin' Gang Green Older... Budweiser tape for 15 cents"! (Beer is the theme here)
Here for Beer is that last cold beer at the bottom of the cooler. That one you hoped was there, but ya knew the odds were bad. But then your hand grabs it and you just grin.
If you enjoy the Gospel of Suicidal Tendencies, Fang and Black Flag you will smile and have flashbacks of Storage Units , Garages, Dead End Roads, Random Farms, Kegs, Glue, Acid, Speed, Blood, Skateboards, Trash, Cigarettes, Donuts, 7 Eleven Microwave Burritos, Cemeteries, Visions of Death, Blasphemy, Pure Angst, Fire Pits, 40 oz. of anything that will fuck you up, Vodka, Black Outs, Hog tied and beaten by Cops, Pissed on while you sleep, Piss on someone while they sleep and hated Brett Michaels then and now. You will enjoy this tape. Did I mention it's only two dudes? I owe Josh Lay and Morgan Rankin a beer.
Have your own Time Machine experience.
Blondz in Heat - Here for Beer , 16 tracks, Color Art Cover and Hand Painted Labels by Morgan Rankin. Lyric Sheet insert, Hand numbered edition of 100 Blue tapes. For Six Goddamn dollars! ..............I got number 4/100. What you get?
Contact : or huskrecords.blogspot

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