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Crucial Blast reviews the Glass Coffin/Tombstalker split cassette....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Crucial Blast review for Glass Coffin / Tombstalker Split Casette
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The newest label to stoke the flames of my cassette lust is Husk Records, a tiny imprint run by Josh Lay from Cadaver In Drag, also known for his own solo blackened psych/drone/industrial stuff. He's released a variety of stuff on Husk, ranging from the blacknoise of Wilt to a Cadaver In Drag tape full of blasted irradiated sludge to the terrifying electro-acoustic soundscapes of Teeth Collection, but the most metal tape he's put out has got to be this double-edged blast of vile Kentucky black metal, featuring Josh Lay's own black metal alter-ego Glass Coffin on one side and Lexington blackthrashers Tombstalker on the other.
Josh Lay's loner black metal band Glass Coffin unleashes three tracks on the first side, and it's gnarly, low-fi, totally MANGLED black metal puke. These jams (which have titles like "A Nightmare Majestic", "My Hammer Will Decide My Fate" and "Serpent Of Cold Stone") are blackened bestial filth, a primitive blast of ripping thrash riffs, manic double-picked tremolo shred, vomitous goat-howls drenched in reverb, and stumbling, sloppy, BRUTAL drumming that goes from blastbeat mayhem to pounding caveman stomp to putrid doom-laden trudge, and splatters sloppy atonal solos over the whole assault. Don't let the psych-lookin' tape cover fool you - this is savage fucked-up black hate flecked with bits of weird atavistic/demonic medieval folk melody, mutated and cloven-hoofed a la early Beherit, Sarcafago, and early Darkthrone...awesome!
Then the flipside features the ghastly blackthrash of the awesomely named Tombstalker, who are pretty ripping themselves. The two tracks, "Grieving Abyss" and "Eternal Enslavement", are a mix of gnarled Scandinavian-style crust and violent blackened thrash, the vocalist shredding his throat in a fury of hoarse, harsh rasping and bestial guttural bellowing, crushing double-bass drumming, and some KILLER riffs slashing through the low-fi, brutal blackened heaviness. This band RULES, like a sloppy, alchohol fueled meeting of Bolt Thrower and Bestial Mockery jamming Dis-core in a Kentucky garage.
I've been blasting this in the C-Blast company truck all rules! Comes in a splattery handmade cover, limited to one hundred numbered copies.

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