Monday, June 14, 2010

The Nielzine reviews the new Developer cassette and the Glass Coffin/Tombstalker split cassette........

Kentucky Homegrown

Lately I've been drinking to a few Bands coming outta Husk Records. Check em' out.

Glass Coffin/ Tombstalker - there's only 6 copies left of this split cassette for a reason. Because it's fucking brutal. Just listening to Glass Coffin will make your skin start to rot. Tombstalker was born and breed on burnt Churches and Viking corpses. Death Metal at its finest.

Developer - Static Creep Noise, Great soundtrack for any movie scary as all Hell. I actually had to go lock my doors. Poltergeist meets Family Therapy. The language of the Varicose Vein. The cover alone says it all. Sweet dreams.

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