Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nielzine blurbs about the new Moloch/Glass Cofin split 7"

.....a quick blurb about the Moloch/Glass Coffin 7" from the nielzine........
Blood Brothers of Black Metal

Moloch and Glass Coffin 7” Split

Moloch.-. Pr.Sergiy’s lyrics on “Weg von dieser Welt voller” are not sung but spoken like a Man lost and his only friends are the darkened woods that have imprisoned him. Relentless spiraling instruments only add to the anxiety of Pr.Sergiy’s voice. Hailing from the Ukraine, you may not understand Pr.Sergiy , but following along with his scripture you soon find the common ground that all Mankind must someday face. The language of a lonesome death.

From the depths of Kentucky’s caverns, Glass Coffin paints a torrid apocalyptic feast among its bone dry walls with “When Ravens Black out the Sun”. Josh Lay’s writing and blood clotting pictorial first takes you on a chugging “Death March” then ends with the flailing of your legs as the gallows hatch drops. Josh Lay can only smile as he finishes the final touches to his morbid painting with your face amongst the dead.

Two Bands adding their own bestial sounds to the boiling cauldron. Coming together from opposite sides of the world to destroy as one!

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