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Husk Records has operated below the radar for close to 10 years now,and are closing in on 100 titles under our belt.So we thought we would list our complete discography of releases along with it's availability for those who might want to pick up an older gem you might have missed.The label started off as a wank off label assembled to release our own projects,and later materialized into a real label.So please excuse the really dumb earlier title names.Ha!

HUSK RECORDS RELEASES (what is in stock/sold out/forthcoming)

H001 - 1842- dare not speak his name (cdr/cs) sold out
H002 - i.d.p.- beef between ye' cheeks (cdr/cs) sold out
H003 - i.d.p.- the lost tracks (cs) sold out
H004 - blondz in heat- so damn thrash (cs) sold out
H005 - the fantastic eat butts- anus carnivorous (cdr/cs) sold out
H006 - cum vempire- sexual distortion (cs) sold out
H007 - i.d.p.- who farted? (reissue cdr) sold out
H008 - cum vempire- the sadness drugs fixed (cs) sold out
H009 - blondz in heat/vulvatones split (cs) sold out
H010 - hair police/cadaver in drag split (cs) sold out
H011 - cum vempire/toilet sex music split (cs) sold out
H012 - cadaver in drag- people meant to die (cdr) sold out
H013 - toilet sex music- son of a bitch ep (cs) sold out
H014 - i.d.p./coven and crazy d- 2 slick 2 squeeze split (cs) sold out
H015 - nulluna- st (cdr) sold out
H016 - josh lay- disease geography (cdr) sold out
H017 - jason schuler- hell is full of snakes (cs) sold out
H018 - the kentucky people eaters- you can't eat children with nuclear arms demo (cdr) sold out
H019 - husk records compilation 2 (cdr) sold out
H020 - jason schuler- spines (cs) sold out
H021 - josh lay- predatorial insects (cdr) sold out
H022 - i.d.p./d.c.- lord of the blings split (cdr) $5ppd
H023 - jason schuler- black skies (cs) sold out
H024 - letters and sodas- the rhytide cassette vol.1 (cdr) sold out
H025 - josh lay- witchunter (cs) sold out
H026 - half eaten corpse- ghost traces (cs) sold out
H027 - the fantastic eat butts- go and fuck thyself (cs) sold out
H028 - the sexual predators- blame it on the booze (cs) $6ppd
H029 - i.d.p.- moon words (cdr) sold out
H030 - josh lay- snake in black waters (cdr) sold out
H031 - the pollutions- rock n' roll meltdown (cdr) sold out
H032 - ampdragon- st (cdr) sold out
H033 - ocean floor- shrine of coral teeth (cdr) sold out
H034 - dirk diggler- feel the heat (cdr) sold out
H035 - i.d.p.- nine inch males (cs) sold out
H036 - josh lay- skull magic vol.2 (cdr) sold out
H037 - warmer milks- tiger (cs) sold out
H038 - damno te- betrayal cuts both ways (cdr) sold out
H039 - phantom limbs- wind and waves (3"cdr) sold out
H040 - luxury mollusc-skafold ov Bone (cdr) sold out
H041 - husk records comp.3 (cs)sold out
H042 - stemcell research project- and their words will serrate the sky (cdr) $6ppd
H043 - gnarly sheen/starfox 64- diomonds in the laser cave split (cdr) $6ppd
H044 - glass coffin- moon (cdr) sold out
H045 - cadaver in drag- abuse ( cdr digipack ) sold out
H046 - josh lay/bed split (cs) sold out
H047 - midi sirens of the laura palmer death sequence- the invasion of count doom (cs)$6ppd
H048 - midi sirens of the laua palmer death sequence- human consumption festival (cs) sold out
H049 - jogz/quantum twat split (cdr)$6ppd
H050 - scumfuck revolt-a gg allin tribute (cdr) sold out
H051 - teeth collection-black ghost knife (cs) sold out
H052 - wether-welcome to the rigid swale (cs) sold out
H053 - altar of flies-consequences (cs) sold out
H054 - vestigal limb-headless supplicant (cs) sold out
H055 - envenomist -divine intervention (cs) sold out
H056 - caves-new edge (cs) sold out
H057 - social junk/kraken fury split (cs) sold out
H058 - droughter-replacing chants with screams(cdr)$6ppd
H059 - josh lay and altar of flies collaboration(cs) sold out
H060 - gnarly sheen-strangled ape(cdr)$6ppd
H061 - swamp horse-st(cs) sold out
H062 - dead mountain-hymns of hate(cs) sold out
H063 - husk records compilation 4(cs) sold out
H064 - swamp horse-gravity(cs) sold out
H065 - climax denial-the absolute bottom(cs) sold out
H066 - oath-faith against faith(cs) sold out
H067 - the static hymnal v/a (6xcs box) sold out
H068 - gnarly sheen/alien soundtracks split(cs) $6ppd
H069 - wretched worst-bleeder(cs) sold out
H070 - josh lay-worm terrain(cs) $6ppd
H071 - dead mountain-deperately seeking satan(cs) sold out
H072 - ultra bonbon-infant's grip(cs) $6ppd
H073 - glass coffin-blood of a godless moon(cs) sold out
H074 - plague of mankind/apochryphal revelation split (cs) sold out
H075 - swamp horse-perpetual drip (3"cdr)$6 ppd
H076 - cadaver in drag - churchburner (cs)$6 ppd
H077 - glass coffin/tombstalker split (cs) $6ppd
H078 - dawn of wolves-darkness as black as evil (cs) sold out
H079 - mattias gustafsson - Dod Metall (3"cdr)$6 ppd
H080 - glass coffin/tombstalker split (cs) sold out
H081 - josh lay/jason covelli split (cs) $6 ppd
H082 - blondz in heat - here for beer (cs) $6 ppd
H083 - d/a/a/d / al queda split (cs) $6 ppd
H084 - husk comp. #5 (cs) sold out
H085 - teeth collection-st (3"cdr) $6 ppd
H086 - developer-st (cs) $6 ppd
H087 - wilt-tba (7"+cs) $8 ppd in the U.S.A./$10 ppd CAN./MEX./$12 ppd WORLD 7" + LIMITED BONUS CASSETTE PRICE = $15 ppd in the U.S.A./$18 ppd CAN./MEX./$20 ppd WORLD
H088 - moloch (Ukr) - misanthropie ist der einzige weg zur reinheir cs $6 ppd
H089 - plasmic formations -as the ground crumbled around me,i turned to see light cs $6 ppd
H090 - moloch (Ukr)/glass coffin split 7" $8 ppd
H091 - josh lay/teeth collection split/collab 12" lp+bonus cdr $20 ppd
H092 - regosphere - like surgical steel cs (forthcoming)
H093 - jason schuler - st cs $6 ppd
H094 - droughter - gouge out cs $6 ppd
H095 - jason schuler - terrors errors cs (forthcoming)
H096 - shizophasia - 2,000 cs (forthcoming)
H097 - wolf/ah-puch - split cs (forthcoming)
note: please message us for conditions before making order.some items are limited/hand numbered etc.and may not be in stock.all prices are post paid IN THE U.S.A. ONLY...thank you.

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