Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cadaver in Drag - Breaking and Entering cassette reviewed by the Nielzine...

This is what the Nielzine had to say....

Side A
Hits you like a sexy summer’s drive with no particular place to go. Waves of heat hit you as knots begin to build in your stomach. You’re hair blows in the wind, but the windows are rolled up. Head and neck swaying on your shoulders to the rhythm of the road. You wait. Mix conversations. Ideas flash but don’t stick. Anxiety, it’s coming on.
Side B
Conscious in this static state. Welcome to the under World. Sweat trickles down your neck as muscle finally begins to awaken. Eyes dilate with rage. Teeth retract as you scream so loud your jaw unhinges. You wake up in the back sit of that mind ride, rub your face, only wanting to flip the tape to take another ride.
Cadaver in Drag is well worth the hallucinations.

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